Do you want to know how to last longer in bed? Premature ejaculation or PE is one of the most common sexual dysfunction problems of men. It affects as much as 20 to 40 percent of the total male population. In fact, the problem is quite common that almost all men have experienced prematurely ejaculating once in their life. Before, PE was defined as ejaculating within two minutes of full penetration; however, many men who climaxed within such time frame were not bothered by their lack of control and still had a satisfying sex life. Sexual satisfaction forms a large part of how PE is being defined with differences in how men and their partners want sex to last used as the main basis. Thus, the definition of PE today is more flexible, referring to a condition of ejaculating before satisfying one’s partner.

how to last longer in bed

Premature ejaculation causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty for a man and his partner as it allows neither partner to enjoy the sexual act in a proper manner. The man feels dissatisfaction because of the inability to hold out the pleasurable sensations of sexual contact for a longer period of time while his partner is equally dissatisfied for not being able to reach her sexual peak. It is also common for men that are experiencing PE to question their masculinity and lose confidence in their sexual performance. They may feel misunderstood as to the extent of frustration and humiliation they regularly experience while a partner may suffer in silence for fear of upsetting their man further or become frustrated at their partner’s seeming unwillingness to fix the problem. The following outlines the possible causes of PE:

  • You are in the wrong positions. There are certain positions that put more pressure on the penis than others. Knowing what positions to use is key when trying to last longer. For example, the Missionary position is not a good one because the woman can clamp her legs around you, causing a higher degree of contraction with the vagina muscles. This adds to the extra pressure causing over-stimulation. And thus…early ejaculation. Find positions that do not allow the “extra” contraction of the vagina muscles.
  • Anxiety & stress rule the mind. You prior poor experiences and inability to last long enough have etched themselves into your mind and so now when you have sex, they jump right out in front of the line as thoughts for you to have during sex. Because you are thinking and hoping you “Don’t” ejaculate too soon, you most certainly will because you have been programed to do so. With proper mind exercises along with breathing techniques are utilized, you can overcome this in a few days.
  • Your pelvic muscles are too weak. This is by far the most common of any of the causes of PE for men. But thank the Lord it is one of the easiest to take care of. The muscles you need to strengthen are the same ones you use to “cut off” your urine in midstream. There are simple exercises you can perform anywhere and at any time to work on getting stronger. As these muscles become stronger, you will see better control of your ejaculation, increasing your lasting time.


It’s a fact that use of pills, sprays, condoms and creams are helpful and brings some immediate results but they can’t be able to go long because as their effects wear off, you will come back to your previous problematic state. And think if you need them where there availability would not be possible then what your feelings will be, just imagine. So, do not try to opt the techniques and substances that are not reliable and do not promise to help you in difficult situation or when you need them. Nobody likes such dependencies particularly with the relations that are quite sensitive.

How to last longer in bed naturally?

In order to last longer in bed, there are actually many things that can be done and they are all very natural and not expensive. You can last longer in bed and you can make that happen as soon as tonight. These are the few tips on how to last longer in bed naturally:

  • Strengthen muscles. To last longer in bed, you should strengthen your pelvic muscles. In order to do so, you would have to do some abdominal exercises which strengthen the pelvic floor like crunches. The pelvic muscles are responsible for the flow of semen. If you would strengthen these muscles, you would be able to control your ejaculation.
  • While having sex, whenever you feel like you are about to ejaculate, stop all motions and ask your partner to press the region below the scrotum and above the anus with one finger. Ask her to press hard. This should stop you ejaculating.
  • Sexual positions. To last longer in bed and satisfy your partner, you would have to use different sexual positions. The upper section of penis is considered to be highly sensitive. However, you can use a new technique and try to penetrate your penis deep inside the vagina. By adapting a suitable position where the G spot is stimulated, your partner will respond faster and enhance the experience. Relax. This is not a race. Consider the act as a saunter you both are out on. You can stop in between, have a bite of your favorite food and a sip of wine, then proceed.
  • Control breathing. If you want to last longer in the bed, you would have to control your breathing. Your inhalation is an important factor to increase your pleasure for sex. Try to feel your breathing so that you can adjust yourself. In the beginning, you would realize that your heart beat is very high. This may be because of excitement and tension. For enjoying better sex, you should try to regulate your inhalation and exhalation. Your profound and slow breathing would help you to feel relaxed and comfortable. Control over breathing also slows down the excitement phase and helps you last longer.


These tips can be used to help you last longer in bed starting tonight. However, if you want to end your premature ejaculation permanently, achieve “Life Changing Results”, and be able to drive your partner crazy with desire you’ll need to ramp it up one more notch. This is the program I that not only helped me end my premature ejaculation but shot my sexual energy and performance levels through the roof.

how to last longer in bed naturally

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